Your personalised pet photography consult!

Amazing pet photography starts with an experienced pet photographer! We have the experience, we have the passion and we have the patience. When you first contact us we will tailor a personal plan for your pet. This will allow us to photograph your fur baby’s personality in a way no one else can. If you have any special requests, we would love to hear them. This experience is all about you, getting precious photos of your beloved pet!


Shar Pei dog photo

Welcome to our pet photography studio!

You are here, you are excited and we are excited to provide your professional pet photography photos! We absolutely love meeting everyone’s fur children and can not wait to make incredible artwork for you!

Our pet photography sessions go for up to 2 hours. In this time we will use some cute little ties and bow ties. We will offer to use any other additional props that may be of interest to you and of course use anything you have brought with you that you want included! This day is all about you. We will dial the lighting in to create the perfect pictures. Your boy or girl will look absolutely fabulous.

After the photo shoot, we will organise a convenient time to return to view your semi-edited photos.

Pet portrait of a Siberian Husky

Picking your favourite photos!

Being a pet photographer this is a time where we are excited to show you your amazing photos. We can confidently say you will have a hard time picking your favourite images! All of our clients love looking through and deciding on their favourite pictures and you will too.

Next up is art work! What will you decide? We show you various options in a laid back fashion. The choice is yours!

Composite of Shar Pei dog photo

Now where to put your wonderful pet photos?!

Great news, it won’t be long and you will be receiving your amazing pet artwork! The next steps are all on us. We will pour our passion into creating the perfect images that will capture your heart. There is no time limit with each chosen photo. It gets finished when it is perfect and not a moment before! Once all photos are complete by the Get Wild Studios standards, we will place the order for your art work. Once your artwork has arrived we will be in touch to make delivery! It’s that easy and we promise it’s a lot of fun!

Picture of Siberian Husky

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