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Tell us a little bit about your pet! 

Once we know a little about your fur baby we can fine tune some ideas to capture his personality more. Does he or she like to play with a toilet roll or a good game of tug a war? Once these small but important details are worked out you can choose a time to come in and see us!

Shar Pei dog photo

Meet us at the studio!

When you arrive, you will be met with smiles and taken into our studio to have a chat and look around at our cute dog pictures while your precious boy or girl gets used to the new environment and receives a snack! Our studio is air conditioned and will keep you and your pet cool with cold drinks available for you to sip on. We will have everything ready to go so as soon your cutie is happy and relaxed we shall begin capturing their personality! After the shoot we will make a time to preview your edited images.

Pet portrait of a Siberian Husky

After the shoot!

So now you are returning excited and ready to look through the previews to choose your favourites! After you have made your selections we will talk through different artwork options keeping everything nice and simple.

All that is left to do is to decide where you are going to hang or place your art! It is that easy.

Composite of Shar Pei dog photo

Wrapping up!

Your selected images will go back into our editing software and we will spin our wheels and work our magic bringing them up to the highest standard. Your dog photos or cat photos will look absolutely amazing. We will then order your art work! The moment it arrives we will be in touch!

Call or email us now to start the fun!

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Picture of Siberian Husky

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