Cat Photography on the Gold Coast & Brisbane

When you want to get some fantastic cat photography done of your feline friend, it’s important that you go to someone who is a specialist. Getting amazing images of animals is a completely different ball game than doing the same with people! W.C. Fields is famously quoted as saying “Never work with animals or children”, but with a huge amount of experience accompanied by a heck of a lot of patience, we make working with animals look easy.

We have a sincere affinity with animals of all shapes and sizes, and have worked with an endless list of different cats and other pets to provide their owners with seriously amazing prints, all at very competitive prices. If you’ve been looking to have amazing cat photos taken, whether you’re in Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you’re in great hands when you come to Get Wild Studios.

Offering an amazing cat photography experience!

You should expect nothing but outstanding results when you choose us as your photographers, and for good reason. Mixing both an extensive amount of photography experience as well as top-tier equipment allows us to produce imagery of your cat that you’ll cherish forever, and each of the images you end up with have been professionally edited by us.

Come and relax while we make magic happen with pet. Our pet photography is truly something special.

Speak to us to arrange a photo shoot for your cat

Whether it’s a British Shorthair, Burmese, Devon Rex, or any other breed, we’ll take care of them and make sure they’re 100% comfortable prior to the shoot starting (and don’t worry – you’re not charged for that time). Get in touch with us on 0450 267 127 or email us for a friendly chat about our cat photography service we can offer you!

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