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Pet Photography

Your pets are your fur babies and part of your family.

Get Wild Studios knows that pet photography is like children’s photography. At Get Wild Studios, we’ll find those candid moments that capture the spirit of your pets and their love for you: everything from that lovable drooling happy face that you fell in love with the first time you met, to that serious pose that shows your pet’s personality right down to their very soul.

Action shots that show your pet at play? No problem for Get Wild Studios. Our name says it all.

We understand just how important your fur children are to you. We want to capture their perfect moments–simply priceless!

I’m Matthew Saxen, a professional animal photographer from Queensland, Australia. I started Get Wild Studios because I love animals. My passion for the animal kingdom will shine through in the artwork we create for you.

I love taking on challenging projects that push the creative side of pet photography. I live to create beautiful photographs of your fur babies.

To see more of my work, check out my portfolio.


What Makes Get Wild Studios Pet Photography Unique?

You can offer a pet photography service without ever having owned an animal or having studied animal behaviour, but the kind of artistry you get will be significantly better when your pet photographer understands animals. At Get Wild Studios, we pride ourselves in offering the best service from start to finish–because we understand animals. As an artist who loves animals and understands animal behaviour, I try to push the limits of my creativity to create beautiful, stunning photos: tasteful images that you’ll love.

I create unique images that combine fine art and pet photography. If you have a vision of what you want from your pet photography, I would be happy to discuss that with you. I want to show your pets at their best!

Are you planning to have a professional pet photography session? We look after all of your dog photography, cat photography and bird photography needs. Of course we will work with any other pets too! Give us a call today on 0450 267 127 or email us at info@getwildstudios.com.au.

To learn more about what services our studio offers, visit our Studio and Services page.